Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2009

Support Streetfiles!

Streetfiles ist momentan down und da ich denke das es ein sehr unterstützenswertes Projekt ist mache ich hier mal darauf aufmerksam, mehr Infos:

We are taking a day off to get some attention on this: We really need financial support to continue Streetfiles. And we ask you to help: Write your message to the potential sponsor into the box on the right and submit it to us. Imagine that you write to a photo camera producer, sportswear brand or spraycan manufactor, tell them:

  • how addicted to Streetfiles you are;
  • how much money you spend on his products;
  • some info about you (city, tag, website, member name);
  • the sponsors benefits from supporting Streetfiles.


Streetfiles will be back as usual tomorrow, 10:00h CET.